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I stumbled upon an add in Instagram called JustStrong and I already applied to be a brand ambassador and was accepted! I am so excited to start this journey!

JustStrong is a lifestyle brand for women from all over the world, at all different levels of fitness and wellness. The JustStrong community empowers women to strive for physical and mental strength and to celebrate our successes.

I said “YES”. I want to be someone who encourages women (and all individuals actually) to embrace their strength, speak up for weaknesses, and to share stories of hardship to inspire others. I want to contribute to a network of individuals spread across the globe that all have the same goal. Lift each other up.

The founder of JustStrong says that she “noticed how we as women downplay our wins, attributing our success to luck” Jade Paton, founder. “Or worse, we turn on each other, as if the only way to break the glass ceiling is to step on our sisters along the way.”

I have always wanted to be a life coach for fitness but often I find myself procrastinating or missing workouts/healthy meals entirely. So I never pursued that branch of work for a career. But this seems perfect for anyone who wants to inspire others but has limited capacity to do so.

Once you are accepted to represent the brand, you just have to do one social media post a month (which gives you a discount code for their products and you get commission through PayPal if you have others buy from your personal ID at checkout).

I am still learning all about the site, brand, my role, and the company… so more to come! But I just could not wait to share this exciting news with others! And to spread the word about JustStrong since I support their mission.


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