Body Imperfections

My imperfections make me beautiful. And sometimes they are annoying. Trying to remember to love my body is one of my biggest struggles in self-development and my journey alongside happiness. Sometimes I type in “motivational body quotes” into Pinterest just to see what new advice is available to me. Sometimes I catch myself saying “Oh, […]

Mental Health – Say “Yes”

I have been lowering my dosage on a mood stabilizer medication and due to having an extreme sensitivity to these things, I have been experiencing extreme side effects. You know when you read about a med and see that there is a 0.01% chance a particular symptom will occur? Well, that is my life! Lol! […]

My “Meet Me” Page

Hello, to each awesome person reading this! The fact that you have taken a chance to explore my blog means the world to me! I have a passion to help develop and grow others in their career and personal life. Enough about the boring stuff though. I’m 32 and identify as a white female. I […]

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