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Hello, to each awesome person reading this! The fact that you have taken a chance to explore my blog means the world to me! I have a passion to help develop and grow others in their career and personal life. Enough about the boring stuff though.

I’m 32 and identify as a white female. I love inclusion and diversity of all corners of the globe. I work in the Customer Services industry at one of the most widely known companies on Earth. I am a continuous improvement specialist (meaning, I help identify and scope issues and then run events to solve the root cause of the problem to prevent it from occurring again). Prior to that, I worked in healthcare operations for ten years doing project management and instructional design (people fascinate me).

I live, eat, and breath animals! (maybe literally eat since dog hair is always flying in my food). I have five dogs, two cats, and one chinchilla in a house not nearly large enough. Luckily, I live with two others to help with pet duties.

I have my bachelors of science in psychology and business administration and I am slated to finish my masters in professional studies in psychology of leadership by end of 2022. The intricacies and complexity of the human brain and how people interact in society and in the workplace is a topic I will never get bored with.

I enjoy shooting hoops, camping, hiking, kayaking, gaming, wiring poetry, and throwing Frisbee for our border collie pup.

More personally, I have struggled with mental health issues since I was born. I was raised with parents that have addictive personalities, received visits from CPS, and was subjected to extreme verbal abuse. In the last three years, I have tried over eight mood stabilizing medications for anxiety and depression. Come to find out from a mental health genetic test my body is very sensitive to medication and I can only have ONE drug out of 120+ without having major side effects. All eight that I tried were the wrong ones and I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar II that lasted for seven months.

So. Here I am at age 32 starting a blog about the GOOD in life. There is so much of it and as humans we tend to overlook it. I know I did for most of my life (I still do when I’m on autopilot). I will share my wins, losses, success stories, tips, and reflections. I want to hear yours! This is a safe space and all constructive and conducive comments are welcome.


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